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Data Literacy through Visual Inquiry with GIS and InspireData from Jesse Berg on Vimeo.

Session Number: AH28
Session Time: Monday 10:30 am - 11:30 am
Session Location: Hotel Hershey
Program Title: Data & Graphical Representation if Information
Program Description: Today’s digital natives are inundated with data and graphically represented information, but can they separate fact from fiction? This workshop will look at analyzing data and creating knowledge using an inquiry based, interactive, visual approach. Software utilized includes InspireData®, Google Earth, Grass GIS Client, and MS Excel.
Affiliated Organization: THE VISUAL LEAP
Session Type: Vendor
PETE Member:
Room: Starlight Terrace East
Presenter: Jesse Berg
Co-Presenter(s): Brad Morris
Strand(s): Professional Development/Teacher Preparation, Instructional Strategies/Successful Practices
Audience(s): K-8, 9-12, Higher Ed, Technology Director or Coordinator/Instructional Technologist
Level: Introductory

“Data Literacy and The Graphical Representation of Information”

Today’s digital natives are inundated with facts, figures and graphically represented information, however, are they able to interpret this information critically to separate fact from fiction? Can our students effectively represent information visually or conduct inquiry by manipulating data?

As educators, we need to teach students to become critical consumers of information who can analyze data, ask questions and create knowledge using various strategies. Even more importantly, emerging industries rely on synthesizing information, assimilating the massive amounts of data into new actionable knowledge. Cultivating this type of learner is critical to the future of our counties, state and country. Participants in this interactive conversation will analyze different approaches to the visual representation of information, and explore data literacy through inquiry. Principles establish guidelines for what constitutes well-presented visual information that can be used with students.

We will then utilize an inquiry based, interactive, visual approach with data sets in order to undercover questions and answers about the data. Through this process, we will promote data literacy, visual literacy, and higher order thinking.

Some of the tools utilized in this session are Inspire Data®, ArcView AEJEE GIS Client, and more.

Background Information

Check out the Data Visualization and GIS links for more insight into the content and direction of this session.

Special Thanks

Special thanks are due to Charlie Fitzpatrick of ESRI for the gracious help he gave me in preparing this workshop. Charlie is the K-12 Education Manager of ESRI. He is about as passionate and knowledgeable about GIS as anyone you would want to meet. He help me in countless ways in preparation for this workshop including assistance with software, technical matters, conceptual approaches and promotional materials.

If you or edcucators you know are interested in integrating a GIS program into your school, Charlie is the person you would want to connect with. For more information about ESRI in education visit this website http://edcommunity.esri.com