February 5, 2014


Sublime Learning
Online Portal for Preparation and Instruction
I. Learning Goals
A. Create files using Kidspiration and Inspiration
B. Complete a just-in-time Professional Learning process using Sublime
C. Adapt a Sublime lesson to use in class

II. Essential question
A. How can I use these tools & resources scaffold learning to meet the diverse learning needs of my students?

III. Big Idea
A. These Tools and Resources help me plan and deliver effective instruction
1. Non-linear strategies
2. Visual and interactive

IV. Let's get rolling!

A. Creating with Kidsp/Insp
1. **Summary Man**
2. **Reverse Mind Map**
3. Sequencing in Reading Comprehension
a. **Web**
b. **Doc**

B. Explore the Portal
1. **Demo and Deconstruct**

2. http://platform.sublimelearning.com/eteachables/132-concept-attainment

C. Grade Group Project
1. K-1
a. LA
(1) Reading for Details
(a) **http://platform.sublimelearning.com/eteachables/42-reading-for-details**
(2) Main Idea
(a) **http://platform.sublimelearning.com/eteachables/227-retelling-information-text**
(3) Predict
(a) **http://platform.sublimelearning.com/eteachables/106-the-title-tells**

b. Math
(1) Patterns
(a) **http://platform.sublimelearning.com/eteachables/10-repeating-patterns**
(2) Missing Values, Equations
(a) **http://platform.sublimelearning.com/eteachables/28-balanced-equations**

2. 2-3
a. LA
(1) Main Idea
(a) **http://platform.sublimelearning.com/eteachables/131-concept-definition-mapping**
(2) Analysis
(a) **http://platform.sublimelearning.com/eteachables/110-knowledge-rating**
(3) Vocabulary
(a) **http://platform.sublimelearning.com/eteachables/111-frayer-model-vocabulary-development**

b. Math
(1) Patterns
(a) **http://platform.sublimelearning.com/eteachables/19-growing-patterns**
(2) Symmetry
(a) **http://platform.sublimelearning.com/eteachables/11-line-symmetry**

3. 4-5
a. LA
(1) Point of View
(a) **http://platform.sublimelearning.com/eteachables/115-point-of-view-author**
(2) Comparisons
(a) **http://platform.sublimelearning.com/eteachables/84-compare-and-contrast-advanced**a.

(1) Decimals
(a) **http://platform.sublimelearning.com/eteachables/448-modeling-decimals**
(2) Add Fractions
(a) **http://platform.sublimelearning.com/eteachables/194-adding-fractions-with-unlike-denominators**

V. Finish Line
A. Exit Ticket
B. Q&A